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Cement Patios Coated with Castagra Ecodur: Case Study

#Castagra #Ecodur coating on #Cement

There are over 138 million households in the U.S. and nearly 12.5 million in Canada. Townhouse complexes are popular in cities where building space is severely limited. Uniformity is their hallmark, but many owners like to upgrade on standard builds.

This case study concerns a 70-plus unit townhouse complex in British Columbia where two patios were brought up to showroom state.


The #patios were concrete slabs and the clients wanted to improve their ‘old concrete’ look with a durable but attractive finish without being subjected to noxious #VOCs or having the area off-limits for an excessive period while curing took place. Conventional #epoxies can take 3-7 days to fully cure for foot traffic.

It was also vital the result would be in keeping with the overall look of neighboring townhouses.


Castagra’s #Ecodur has zero VOCs, zero BPA, extremely high adhesion and #waterproofing qualities. It has a 25-year history as a floor #coating, including shower stalls with no failures. One of its key features being its retained flexibility and high abrasion resistance to regular foot traffic.

Ecodur takes colorants well, but in most commercial and industrial applications, where severe weather and harsh UV are encountered, the shades are generally white, battleship gray and black. However, a finish of color flakes that are embedded into curing Ecodur has proven highly successful for ‘showroom’ finishes in #residential #garages.

Application Results.

#Castagra Team Canada applicator, Davis Kyle, carried out the coating of two backyard concrete patios at his #townhouse complex.

He ground down parts of concrete that were sticking out and filled the cracks by pouring in Ecodur. Then, he coated a thin layer of 15 mil as a first step. After curing for four hours, an additional coating of 15 mil was applied for a total of 30 mil thickness.

Before it cured, Davis lightly broadcasted color flakes to give the patio some texture and extra visual appeal. Total cure time was 24 hours after which the decks were fully accessible.

The owner reported ‘delight’ with the results.

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