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Why Protect Your Underground Parking Lot with #Castagra Ecodur?

Peeling garage floor coating is a big problem!


This past weekend I had the opportunity to see a client’s underground #parking lot up on a hilly mountainside university campus. During winter, it snows up in the upper elevations, and the roads are salted for safety reasons.

Unfortunately, the condo parking #floor was poorly coated and didn’t bond to the concrete.

Why would this be a concern?

Salt from the streets come into the underground parking from the car tires. Then it slowly absorbs into the concrete and eventually get to the steel rebar. Chlorides from salt are very corrosive and the rebar will start rusting. This causes the concrete to begin to crack from the inside outwards. It is especially concerning for this client as they have two levels of parking.

Therefore, the parking lot was coated in the first place in order to protect the concrete from salt chlorides. However, they used the wrong kind of #coating as it clearly didn’t bond well to the concrete.

In fact, I could literally pull the current coating off with my fingers!

Fortunately, there is a #noVOC solution using Castagra Ecodur. It is flexible and molecularly bonds to the #concrete substrate. No harsh chemical smells compared to #epoxy.

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