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IOBAC Conductive Flooring

A dissipative flooring solution with enhanced design freedom

Ideal for environments where electrostatic discharge (ESD) could damage sensitive electronic equipment or even act a potential source of ignition e.g. cleanrooms, aerospace, electronics manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical processing and telecommunications industries.

The rapid cure IOBAC ESD flooring solution is far quicker and easier to install vs conventional conductive adhesive systems.

And as a non-permanent flooring, magnetic surface tiles can easily be swapped in and out, offering much greater design choice and agility. 

How it works

Non-IOBAC Conventional two part system

  • Apply conductive primer, wait

  • Apply conductive adhesive, wait

  • Add conductive top surface tile

IOBAC Conductive Flooring

  • Simply apply magnetically receptive conductive resin

  • Once cured, choose from a wide selection of magnetic static dissipative top surface tiles

Clean, easy installation

  • Quick cure resin enables floor to be trafficked within hours

  • Less mess – magnetic surface tiles are dry-laid

  • Less prone to error than conventional application process

Design freedom

  • Wider range of top surface finish tiles available

  • Ability to make floor multi-use

  • Switch from a hard-wearing conductive resin to a shiny vinyl tile in minutes

Easy to repair

  • Non-permanent solution

  • Simply lift and replace magnetic surface tile to repair

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