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Ezy-Install Underlay System

Unique Dual-Grip Technology for faster, cleaner & easier flooring installations 

A revolutionary dry-laid magnetically receptive base providing:


  • Faster, cleaner and easier installs

  • Optimum hold due to Dual Grip fixing strength

  • A durable, reusable system

  • Flexible flooring options

  • A sustainable choice 

Universal Compatibility


Ezy-Install takes the guesswork out of flooring installation.


Its unique Dual Grip technology combines adhesion and magnetism to provide a secure hold to a diverse range of floor coverings – LVT, carpet, ceramic, timber.


No more getting stuck on which adhesive to use or what to click where – Ezy-Install gives peace of mind and a job well done!



  • Made from recycled car tires

  • Reusable and recyclable

  • Removes cleanly – no residue or contamination

  • Used tiles can be recycled or reused, reducing flooring waste

  • Plant-based VOC-free resin from renewable castor oil with a ferrosilicon addition from recycled scrap iron

High Performance


  • Conformable, compression resistant base > minimal sub-floor preparation required

  • Acoustic properties for impact sound reduction

  • Moisture mitigation compounds not required on floors up to 95% RH

  • Waterproof, naturally anti-microbial and easily cleanable for multiple use

  • Rubber underlay provides anti-fatigue and shock absorption

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