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Revolutionary Technologies That Give You Value-added Benefits

Keep your business on track, and reduce waste and energy


IOBAC's technologies work to create a healthy and sustainable environment

  • Energy efficiency with IOBAC heating system - renewable energy options

  • Minimized waste as you can recycle flooring

  • Health benefits with zero or very low VOC options on coatings.

  • Health benefits from infrared heating using IOBAC heating system

  • Recycled additive and recycled tires used in underlay with sustainable castor oil formulated coating

  • Water based and 100% solid coatings

  • Prevention of dust from forced air furnaces using IOBAC heating system


Any used top surface tiles are contamination-free and can be re-used or more easily recycled, rather than being sent to landfill.

Odourless, low VOC resins ensure a clean installation process.

Landfill sign.jpg
demolished flooring.jpg

Current flooring is typically nailed down or glued down. When it's time to renovate or demolish, the valuable wood flooring is damaged beyond usage with metal, glues and other contaminants, and these end up in landfills.

Data from Metro Vancouver 2015 "Demolition, Land-clearing, and Construction Waste
Composition Monitoring Program" by Tetra Tech EBA Inc. issued Jan 11, 2016

According to the data, there was a total of 38,373 tonnes dumped into the Vancouver, Canada landfills, which includes carpet, underlay, linoleum flooring, and all other wood flooring (e.g. hardwoods, laminates, etc.) Additionally, there is about 1,652 tonnes of glass and ceramic tiles dumped, which includes flooring.

IOBAC has created a solution through their technologies to easily install and recycle the older floor anywhere whether it's hardwood flooring, ceramic , thus creating less waste in our landfills in the future.

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