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The Future of Flooring, Today

Cutting-edge technologies revolutionising the flooring industry

All IOBAC technologies are built on 4 core principles

Speed of Installation


Operational Savings



IOBAC magnetic flooring was developed from a simple vision – to make the flooring process as simple, fast, cost-effective and hassle-free as possible for all involved, contractors and end-users alike.

With decades of flooring industry experience, the IOBAC team set out to solve common flooring problems by radically re-designing traditional flooring techniques.

The result?

A patented magnetic flooring system that removes the need for adhesives.

This original innovation has naturally evolved into new technologies in raised access flooring, conductive flooring, heated flooring and intelligent flooring, with more innovations still to come.

Eurasia Building Technologies

Eurasia Building Technologies has joined IOBAC as a sales agent in Canada. We are looking for potential manufacturers to share these technologies.

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