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Revolutionary Technologies That Give You Value-added Benefits

Quickly repair or replace your flooring without closing your business.


Keeping operations open is a critical need – every hour counts when your floor space needs to be open and generating revenue. Not to mention minimising disruption for customers and staff.

IOBAC’s fast installation and replacement process means that loss of revenue due to closure and/or repairs can be reduced by at least 3 times.

Time is Money

So if your 1,000m2 operation generates C$5K revenue per day, a replacement flooring installation can be completed in 5 days with IOBAC magnetic flooring versus 15 days with traditional methods, giving a saving of C$50K in potential lost revenue (10 days x C$5K).

Whole life Costs...Slashed

Plus the simplified installation process means a whole host of associated programme costs are significantly reduced with IOBAC magnetic flooring.

  • Labour savings

  • Material savings on preparation stages

  • Reduced preliminaries/management/works at nights costs

  • Ongoing maintenance and repair savings

  • Reduced replacement costs

Example Project (British pounds)

Consider a 1500m2 vinyl floor replacement completed over a series of nights to minimize disruption to operations.

Over the life of the floor, the IOBAC Magnetic Flooring system gives a staggering 35% saving (or £33,100) versus the traditional method. This is based on an actual invoice from IOBAC England.


(based on costings used in a previous program working with a major retailer and their supply chain)

And if our example project involved loss of revenue from store closures, then the overall whole life costs savings with IOBAC Magnetic Flooring jump to nearly 50%! 

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