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IOBAC Heating Technology

An alternative to radiators with the luxury or heated flooring, now accessible to all

IOBAC Heated Flooring was developed to overcome some of the issues commonly associated with conventional electric mats and water-based underfloor heating systems.

These options can be:

  • Seen as costly and therefore a luxury option

  • Disruptive, complex installation processes

    • Including adjustment of floor heights to accommodate bulky pipes in water-based systems

  • Difficult to remediate if there is a problem

  • Not as efficient to run as expected, with long heat up times for electric mats and no options for renewable energy inputs

Healthy, Sustainable and Cost Effective

  • Highly efficient heating costs

  • Quick to heat up to 27C for LVT

  • Can be powered by renewable supply (solar)

  • Health benefits of infrared heat

  • Recycled additive

  • Installation requires no disruption to existing system

  • Only 0.5mm thick!

How it works

Can be applied to floors and walls

  1. Lay copper conductive strips

  2. Apply conductive magnetically receptive resin

  3. Apply dielectric paint

  4. Install surface tiles (for floors)

  5. Connect copper strips

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