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Why Use Castagra Ecodur Coating for a Sun Deck?

Castagra Ecodur Coated Sun Deck

In an era of low building costs, plywood was often the choice for decking with a layer of polyester mat and acrylic latex on top. Old plywood house #decks abound throughout North America, but thousands have reached the end of their useful lives. In this case, decades of UV and foot pressure had weakened the protection layer and water had eventually got through the polyester to the substrate plywood, causing it to degrade to the point of serious weakness in several places. The homeowner did not want the major expense of a deck rebuild, so a protective #coating was required that could resist UV, retain its flexibility and bond permanently to any remaining polyester on sound parts of the deck and new plywood used to replace to degraded plywood. We used #Castagra #Ecodur as a solution for the coating. Ecodur is made from natural materials, #renewable castor oil and naturally occurring soft rock gypsum. It is #VOC-free, #BPAfree, #nontoxic, and NSF/ANSI-61 rated for contact with human drinking water. It also has exceptional #adhesion and #waterproofing qualities and molecularly combines with materials such as wood, making a perfect bond. #awardwinning #durable #natural #ecological #floor #decking

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